Burundi – UN : The United Nations committed to peaceful resolution of the Burundi crisis-Ban-Ki Moon

Bujumbura, 23rd Feb, 2016 : After his two day mission in Burundi, the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban- Ki Moon declared that the United Nations will do everything possible to facilitate the peaceful of the Burundi conflict. Mr. Ban Ki Moon who spoke during a joint press conference with President Nkurunziza, said that his visit to Burundi took place when the country is in crisis. He indicated that talks with President Nkurunziza where fruitful and sincere.

“We will not allow this country to sink. We have discussed the problems this country is going through and we are prepared to bring our contribution in an effort to strengthen our partnership”, said the UN Secretary General. The two leaders also discussed the possible means that will be put in place for the dialogue. According to Mr. Ban-Ki Moon, people of Burundi have been subjected to suffering and more than 240.000 people have taken exile in foreign countries. The Burundi crisis has also brought some socio-economic consequences on a population already impoverished and vulnerable.
“It will require collective determination of all Burundians and their partners in the region in order to bring back this country to peace, development and reconciliation. That is, I believe the aspiration of the people of Burundi and the future they deserve. There is no time to waste”, stressed Mr. Ban- Ki Moon. The UN leader also announced that President Nkurunziza has promised to free 1200 political prisoners.

Speaking at the same occasion, President Nkurunziza declared that he was satisfied with the visit made by the Secretary General in Burundi. He indicated that measures taken by the United Nations, among them the 2248 resolution of the UN Security Council, are satisfactory. He added that the United Nations have been always on the side of Burundi and at the same time the UN Organization acknowledges the fact that Burundi is sovereign and independent State. He reminded the good relations existing between Burundi and the United Nations where the UN organization has requested Burundi to play a role in Somalia, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast and Sudan.

The two leaders discussed other issues among them the reconstruction of Burundi and the UN role in helping in the normalization of relations between Burundi and Rwanda, that country having been accused of destabilizing peace in Burundi.

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