A Cabinet Meeting was held on Wednesday 19 September 2018 under the chairmanship of His Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza, President of the Republic of Burundi. The following items were analyzed :

1. Draft decree amending Decree No. 100/26 of January 16, 2006 reorganizing the Ministry of National Defense and Veterans Affairs, presented by the Minister of National Defense and Veterans Affairs.

The law of February 2017 bearing missions, organization, composition, instruction, conditions of service and operation of the National Defense Force and the decree of April 2018 on the structure, functioning and missions of the Government of the Republic of Burundi have caused changes within the Ministry’s structure, hence the need to review the 2006 decree organizing this Ministry.

The introduction of the provisions relating to the General Inspection of the Ministry and its main inspections which did not appear in the decree currently in force as well as the creation of the “Office of Administration and Finance” and a Directorate of Statistics are the main innovations of this new project.

After analysis of the project, the Council of Ministers adopted it pending some alterations and finalization by a team designated for this purpose.

2. Draft law ratifying by the Republic of Burundi the framework agreement for the accession of the Republic of Burundi to the International Solar Alliance (ISA), signed in Bujumbura on February 26, 2018, presented by the Minister of Hydraulics, Energy and Mining.

The International Solar Alliance is an initiative jointly launched by India and France on November 30, 2015 as part of the Paris Conference on Climate Change to address common obstacles in the deployment of solar energy in the world across 121 countries with strong sunshine located between the two tropics.

ISA member countries pledge to work together to harmonize and aggregate their demand for solar finance, solar technologies and innovation to build strong leverage to drive down costs, strengthen quality control and tailor products to the needs of scaling solar energy.

In order to benefit from electrification programs by the solar photovoltaic system but also to benefit from exchanges of experience between the members, it is proposed that the Framework Agreement establishing the International Solar Alliance be ratified by the Republic of Burundi. The project has been adopted.

3. Draft decree on the Statutes of the Authority for Regulation of Drinking Water and Energy Sectors "AREEN", presented by the Minister of Hydraulics, Energy and Mining.

The Government of Burundi has initiated major reforms in the electricity and drinking water sectors since the year 2,000 to modernize and develop these sectors. To this end, many texts have been established, followed by the creation of a regulatory body, in this case the Regulatory Agency for the Drinking Water and Electricity Sectors (ACR) in 2011, which became in 2015, the Agency for Regulation of Drinking Water, Electricity and Mining (AREEM) Sectors to ensure the orderly and profitable development of these three sectors.

In order to harmonize the principles of regulation of these sectors within the East African Community, the new decree organizing the Ministry has set up a Regulator namely the Regulatory Authority of the Drinking Water and Energy Sectors (AREEN) thus including the oil sector, the monitoring and control of mining activities now under the supervision of the Burundian Office of Mines and Quarries (OBM). This project therefore focuses on the status of this new regulator namely the Authority for Regulation of Drinking Water and Energy Sectors (AREEN). The project was adopted with minor corrections and alterations to be made.

4. Draft decree authorizing the Government of Burundi to participate in the capital of the joint-stock company African Mining Burundi "AMB-sm" in charge of the exploitation of gold and associated ores of the Masaka gold deposit in Butihinda Commune, presented by the Minister of Hydraulics, Energy and Mining.

By the Decree of August 08, 2018, a license for the exploitation of gold and associated ores was granted to the company African Mining Ltd on the Masaka deposit in Commune Butihinda.

In the context of the exploitation of mineral substances, the Burundi Mining Code provides for the creation of a joint-stock Mining Company to which the State is a de jure shareholder of at least 10%, due to its owner of the land.

This joint-stock Company was created on August 30, 2018 and bears the name of African Mining Burundi "A.M.B s.m".

The present project thus completes the legal framework necessary for the existence of this society by asking the Council of Ministers to authorize the Government to participate in the capital of this company as provided by law. The participation of the State of Burundi will be 15% of the capital. The project has been adopted.

5. Memorandum of Understanding for the project to build a modern MALL in Bujumbura, presented by the Minister of Finance, Budget and Economic Development Cooperation.

The Government of the Republic of Burundi has launched, since 2016, the project of construction of a Mall on the square of the former central market of Bujumbura. The main objective of the project is to build a modern shopping center which will be the commercial showcase of the City of Bujumbura. The Ministry in charge of Finance designated as contracting authority proceeded to the publication of the terms of reference for the selection of a private company interested in this project, the latter to be implemented in the form of a public-private partnership.

After noting that no tender was received by the deadline for submission of tenders, it was recommended that the local partners and outsiders be interest over this project. After consultation with the representatives of the various companies that have expressed their interest, Jiangxi Jianglian International Engineering Co., Ltd. has been selected.

The present Memorandum, which specifies the commitments and obligations of the signatory parties and elaborated by them, is the result of a work mission to this company to learn and ensure its technical and financial capabilities in the realization of major infrastructure projects. The Memorandum was adopted.

Under Any Other Business Section, The Minister of Education, Technical and Vocational Training informed the Council of the theft and sale of school books. The Council asked the Ministers in charge of Trade, Public Security and Justice to take the necessary measures to discourage this illegal trade, measures that can go as far as withdrawing the quality of trader to the one who refuses to hand over these books.

The Minister in charge of the Good Governance talked about the delay observed in the payment of the coffee farmers causing certain traders to speculate by buying them the tickets at low price. The Council asked the Ministers in charge of Agriculture and Finance to find a rapid answer to this question so that the coffee growers are not discouraged by these bad practices. The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has spoken of the visit to India where he had the opportunity to exchange with some investors wishing to bring their capital to Burundi.

Done at Bujumbura, September 19, 2018

Secretary-General and Spokesman of the Government

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