1. As Burundians prepare for the general elections of the year 2020, the Government of Burundi appealed to all the people of Burundi to contribute financially and voluntarily, to make these elections truly Burundians, the experience having shown that external support in this area is subject to conditions that are impossible to fulfill and which often jeopardize the sovereignty of the beneficiary states.

2. Responding to this appeal, many Burundians ranging from individuals starting with the Head of State to institutions and companies have collected and deposited spontaneously various amounts of money depending on the capabilities of each other into an account open to this end.

3. As an illustration, 35 Burundian economic operators have just collected and deposited, on April 19, 2018, an amount of three billion one hundred and five million (FBU 3,105,000,000.00) into the Central Bank of Burundi (BRB) to support this patriotic initiative to get Burundian citizens organize and finance themselves the elections that will endow their country with institutions emanating from their will.

4. The Government of Burundi would like to congratulate all those citizens who heeded this patriotic call. It particularly thanks and congratulates these economic operators for this fairly substantial amount disbursed to show their support for the Government’s move to consolidate national sovereignty.

The gesture by these economic operators is a way of showing the International Community that it is thanks to the peace and security regained that their businesses have been able to prosper, and that the stability of the Institutions is one of the pillars of economic recovery for each and every country.

5. The Government calls on those who still hesitate to join others to follow suit on the footsteps of those citizens determined to prove to the international community that Burundians are in a position to organize elections without reaching out to external financial support.
6. Every three months, Burundians will be regularly informed about the balance of contributions already collected so that they can be stopped as soon as the target amount necessary for the 2020 elections has been reached.

Done at Bujumbura, April 21, 2018

Secretary-General and Spokesman
of the Government.-

Discours: President et autres

Ijambo rya Nyenicubahiro Umukuru w’Igihugu Petero Nkurunziza Uburundi buhimbaza umunsi w’amasezerano y’ubumwe bw’abarundi 2019.

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