A Cabinet Meeting was held this Wednesday, August 26, 2015 under the chairmanship of His Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza, President of the Republic of Burundi.

It was an inaugural cabinet meeting following the establishment and swearing in of the Government.

The meeting began with a prayer by the Head of State himself who informed the new members of the Government that it is a tradition to confide to the Almighty activities of such a great importance.

1. His Excellency the President of the Republic first congratulated members of the new Government for the trust they have benefited. They were indeed chosen among millions of other Burundians, thanks to the will of God the Almighty. The Head of State took the opportunity to provide them with advice that will help them in the responsibilities entrusted to them.

Indeed, the people of Burundi and even foreigners, he stressed, have their eyes turned towards them and therefore ministers should not disappoint them. This is therefore a heavy responsibility they must carry out. He warned them that they will be solicitous and that they should expect many challenges. They should consequently show spirit and discernment before taking any decision, and above all ensure that they take the right decision.

2. His Excellency the President of the Republic reminded members of the new Government that despite the fact that they come from different political parties and from different backgrounds, government work remains infrangible. And as members of the Government, they shall meet the expectations of all people without any distinction.
It is in this context that each Province has a supervising Minister who is regularly required to carry out field visits to constantly learn about people’s concerns, their aspirations and needs and try to meet them when it comes to matters within their competence or bring them to the attention of other departments if the issue is complex. Such guidance is indeed essential to consolidate peace and security and strengthen national reconciliation. The timetable for the holding of cabinet meetings was built based on this concern, that is to say, twice a week every two weeks, with a week dedicated to field visits.

3. The Head of State also urged the members of the Government, as primarily responsible ; to play a lead role to get others change their mentality. Indeed, Burundi needs such a behavior for economic revival and sustainable development. Members of the Government should act as role model by initiating individual development projects in agriculture or livestock to break with an adage that goes “Uwukize akira Isuka” which translates as “success consists of getting rid of all manual or tiring work”.

4. A government action plan will be developed with targets and performance indicators where a quarterly evaluation is made regularly, and at the end of the year points are awarded to each department based on achievements. The best way to achieve good results goes through setting goals to achieve every three months with the "Rapid Results Initiatives" approach accompanied by good coaching of executives and agents of the ministries.

5. The Head of State also emphasized the principle of collegiality which should guide the government team. The Government is infrangible and each Minister is expected to seek support from his colleagues on a particular issue if s/he considers it necessary, and require the supervision of the Vice-President if need be. Ministers should not hesitate to report shortcomings noted in their colleague’s ministries, yet without interfering with their operation.

6. Finally, His Excellency the President of the Republic reminded the members of the Government that as part of their duties, adherence to protocol standards for international diplomacy in terms of relations with diplomatic missions accredited to Bujumbura should be observed.

In fact, according to protocol rules, invitations to members of the Government to participate in activities, and other ceremonies organized by diplomatic missions must go through the Ministry of External Relations and International Cooperation which appreciates the level of representation required. The presence of a member of the Government in these ceremonies outside this channel is therefore inappropriate.
7. On behalf of the Members of the Government, the First Vice-President of the Republic took the floor to extend congratulations to the President of the Republic for the trust that people of Burundi once again granted to him.

He indicated that members of the Government have taken good note of valuable advice and recommendations. He also asked members of the Government to get rid of political or community of origin costume to focus instead to meeting the aspirations of the population which expects a lot from promises made during the election campaign.

Done at Bujumbura, August 27, 2015

Secretary-General and Spokesman
of the Government.-

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