Dear Burundians,

Friends of Burundi,

1. I first and foremost thank the Almighty God for having protected and taken care of the people of Burundi and our country during this electoral period.

2. Let us pay a well-deserved tribute to Him because, even in our national anthem it is stated : “God who gave you to us preserve you forever”.

3. What is written has come true as I explained on July 1 this year when we were celebrating the National Independence Day.

4. The months of June and July will remain unforgettable in the history of Burundi. Indeed, it is in June that communal and legislative elections took place, whereas senatorial and presidential elections were held in July.

5. We also need to recall that it is during this month of July that the Bureau of the National Assembly has been established.

Dear Burundians,

6. As of July 21, 2015, you have responded massively to the appointment of the election of the President of the Republic who will lead Burundi and the Burundians during the next five years, from 2015 to 2020, and this has happened a few days after the legislative and communal elections which took place on June 29, 2015.

7. You have just completed an act of sovereignty and you have exercised your right to elect those who will lead you during these five years. You have clearly expressed your position, and you refused to listen to those who were inviting you to boycott the elections.

8. I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having placed your trust in me ; you have understood and appreciated the political program and the vision of the society that we presented, and you voted for me among many other candidates.

9. I also thank all the candidates who competed and who have accepted the verdict of the polls by favourably receiving the outcome of the elections.

10. I would like to inform the people of Burundi and, at the same time, reassure you that I will govern for all those who voted for me and those who chose to vote for other candidates. During my term in office, everyone will enjoy the same rights and opportunities without favouritism.

11. I would also like to thank the organizers of elections, administrative officials and the Forces of Defence and Security because they have made every effort to ensure that all elections are properly conducted from the preparatory phase to the end.
12. I thank all those who contributed in a way or another to ensure that elections are successfully organized and held.

Dear Burundians,
Friends of Burundi,

13. Let us thank God for the fact that all these elections were held in peace and security.

14. I thank those who prayed for the country in spirit and truth during these elections, because God heard their prayer and answered it. The elections were conducted very well. I ask them to keep entrusting to God the country and those in the new institutions so that they can constantly do what is in line with the will of God for Burundians.

15. I also thank the synergy of media and journalists who got organized to work day and night while informing Burundians and the world about the conduct of elections in real time. I thank them because nothing escaped their eyes. I congratulate them because they have worked with a patriotic spirit.

16. I wish to thank the International Community, Local and International organizations, and representatives of political parties and of religious denominations who devoted their full time and attention to observe the elections taking place throughout Burundi, and who have witnessed the fact that the elections went well and were held in complete transparency and freedom.

17. I also wish to thank the African Union, the countries of the sub-region and the states of the East African Community for the many efforts they made in order for the elections to be held within constitutional deadlines and be successful.

18. Allow me to warmly thank the Burundians and Friends of Burundi to whom I asked to contribute freely to the organization of elections and who did this with a loving heart, to such an extent that the missing funds were collected, which enabled the organizers of elections to carry out their work very well.

19. I would like to reassure Burundians, and remind them that, just as I always told them that elections would take place very well, I declare and announce that peace and security will continue to prevail even after the elections, and that the economic development will continuously grow.

20. I therefore invite you to come together so that we may become a united and indestructible body to strengthen our independence and democracy in Burundi.


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