Members of the National Security Council attended a regular session on 20 and 21 June 2017 under the Chairmanship of His Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza, President of the Republic and Chairman of the Council.

1. During this session, the members of Council reviewed the security developments and noted with satisfaction that the security situation has improved significantly throughout the country.

2. The National Security Council would like to take this opportunity to thank the Defense and Security Forces, the Administration, the Office of the Ombudsman, religious denominations, political parties, the population, the Joint Security Committees and any other actor who contributed in a way or another to the strengthening of peace and security throughout the territory. The Council would like to ask them to continue on this course in order to unmask and stop troublemakers from whenever they may come.

3. The National Security Council welcomes the fact that 80 per cent of criminals have been apprehended and brought to justice and calls on the Defense and Security Corps to remain vigilant in order to dismantle all groups of criminals. The Council also asks the Administration to revitalize the Joint Security Committees so that they are operational on all the hills or neighbourhoods, zones and communes.

4. The National Security Council appreciates the work carried out by the National Inter-Burundian Dialogue Commission (CNDI), which spared no effort to give an opportunity to all segments of the population who freely expressed their views on the management and future of their country. The Council calls upon the Government and other public institutions to implement the conclusions of the Commission’s report with a view to safeguarding the sovereignty of our country and respect for the will of the people of Burundi.

Moreover, the National Security Council appeals to the facilitation of the inter-Burundian external dialogue to repatriate this dialogue, as requested by Burundians during the debates organized by the CNDI. The Council therefore urges the facilitator to visit Burundi in order to see by himself the positive developments over security situation in the country. In addition, the Council requests that the facilitation closes this dialogue in accordance with its own timetable.

5. The National Security Council notes with satisfaction that the harvest of the farming season B has been good. It thus invites the population not to waste the harvest and calls on farmers to turn to vegetable crops during this dry season and use irrigation wherever possible to prevent any food shortage.

6. The Council further recommends the creation of a national strategic food security stock with a view to addressing any food shortages caused by climate change or other natural disasters. The Council is taking this opportunity to encourage investors in the agricultural sector, like the company that is building a manufacturing plant that will make chemical fertilizers in Burundi.

7. The National Security Council thanks all those involved in efforts to eradicate the scourge of corruption and fraud as well as the brewing and vending of prohibited beverages. It encourages them to continue on this same momentum, until a total eradication of these scourges which are hindering the social and economic development of our people.

8. The National Security Council urges the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Education to organize summer work camps in order to supervise the pupils and students who will soon begin the holidays. The Council invites the organizers to take advantage of this opportunity to give them civic education as well as basic concepts of human security.

9. The National Security Council calls on the public, the Administration, the Defense and Security Forces and all other non-state actors working in the environment sector to redouble their efforts to protect the fields, parks and natural reserves against bush fires. In the same line of ideas, the Council encourages companies whose objectives are to convert household waste into other useful products such as coal or organic fertilizer to do so.

10. The National Security Council notes the persistence of unregulated buildings in the farming areas surrounding cities. It therefore reiterates its recommendation to the ministers responsible for agriculture and the environment to carry out the strict demarcation of urban areas.

In view of the demographic challenge and its socio-economic consequences, in particular land issues, the Council calls on the entire population to strictly implement the birth-control policy. Every household should give birth to children it is capable of feeding and providing education for, since children who have not had a basic support may later constitute a source of insecurity.

11. The National Security Council takes good note of the public’s demands in relation to the electricity deficit which causes the uneven power distribution observed sporadically. The Council therefore wishes to reassure the public that the Government is at work to solve this problem by August at the latest.

12. The National Security Council deplores the behaviour of certain corrupted agents of the judiciary who demand bribes in order to implement trials outcomes for the population. The Council calls on the public to denounce this unworthy behaviour and unprofessional ethics so that offenders are punished in accordance with the law.

13. The National Security Council calls on the countries that have welcomed and hosted coup plotters and other Burundian criminals wanted by Burundian justice to arrest and extradite them to Burundi to be tried in accordance with Burundian law.

Following the complaints filed with ICGLR, EAC and the AU against Rwanda for its acts of destabilization of our country, the Council asks these organizations to break their silence and give a ruling on these acts of aggression made by Rwanda and to keep the Burundian people and the international community informed.

Moreover, the Council requests the East African Community of which Burundi is a member to give a ruling on the assassination of the late President Cyprien Ntaryamira and his companions on 6 April 1994 in Rwanda. Shedding light to this assassination would contribute to the progress of the ongoing Truth and Reconciliation process in Burundi.

14. The National Security Council congratulates and encourages our refugee compatriots who are returning to their homeland despite the fact that the UNHCR which ought to motivate and support them to return has prevented them to do so. The Council sincerely thanks the Burundians who have taken good care of the assets of their countrymen until their return. The Council encourages them to keep this spirit of fraternity by safeguarding assets of those who have not yet returned to their homeland.

15. The National Security Council deplores the contents of the biased reports of certain human rights NGOs and therefore invites the Ministry in charge of Human Rights to produce reports on a quarterly basis that reflect the reality on the ground in order to inform the population and to cut short the false information conveyed by the aforementioned malicious organizations.

16. Finally, the National Security Council asks the population to remain united and cohesive in their diversity in order to consolidate security as stipulated in the slogan of July 1st "Unity and the safeguarding of security are the pillars of independence and national sovereignty ".

The National Security Council concludes by wishing all the people of Burundi a joyous celebration of National Independence.

Long live Peace and Security in our country,
May God protect Burundi


Discours: President et autres

Discours de S.E.M l’Ambassadeur Albert SHINGIRO, Représentant Permanent du Burundi auprès des Nations Unies lors de la présentation du rapport A/HRC/39/63 de la Commission d’enquête sur la situation des droits de l’homme au Burundi devant la 3ème Commission de l’AG,

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