1. The Government of the Republic of Burundi has just been informed about the circulation of a document on the probable involvement of the European Union in the destabilization of the Republican Institutions of Burundi, in particular the attempt to change regime in Burundi.

2. The documents refer to serious events attributable to the Delegation of the European Union in Bujumbura and which date from the year 2014, several months before the insurrection and the coup attempt of May 2015. Through these documents in circulation, it is reported that the European Union has financed individuals or organizations involved in the destabilization of the Republic of Burundi. Some of those individuals are currently under international arrest warrant issued by the Justice of Burundi while some of the organizations are no longer registered in Burundi.

3. These revelations are in addition to other factors which have prompted the Government of the Republic of Burundi to denounce a likely foreign hand in the acts of sabotage of its program to promote peace and democracy, particularly the process leading to the elections of 2015. These recently unveiled documents could validate the thesis that there are some actors from the European Union who have for several years nourished the desire to achieve a change of regime in Burundi.

4. Through these documents the Government has just realized and found a clear answer to the questions it has been asking about the motivation for the politico-diplomatic pressures of the European Union against Burundi and its positions always unfavorable to the Interests of Burundi. The Government has constantly denounced the role played by the European Union delegation in Burundi as well as other actions that were far from promoting peace and democracy in Burundi.

5. The Government of Burundi would like to express its deep concern over these revelations on which it will examine and analyze in depth the likely influences that this policy of the European Union against Burundi would have exerted in the making of certain decisions. The Government of the Republic of Burundi already denounces these facts to which it will revert back in view of their graveness and their serious consequences on the Unity of the people of Burundi.

Done at Bujumbura, 5th of June 2017
Secretary-General and Spokesman
of the Government.-

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