Dear Compatriots,

Friends of Burundi ;

1. Allow me to begin by giving thanks to Almighty God, Who has given us a beautiful country, Burundi. All honour and glory is his forever and ever.

2. I once again take this time to reassure the people of Burundi and everyone living in Burundi, after a group of criminals had attempted to overthrow the democratically elected institutions.

3. I strongly condemn this macabre plan whose only purpose was to plunge Burundi and Burundians into tears and desolation. I wish to thank the international community and regional countries that bluntly condemned the attempted coup.

4. I also take this opportunity to express my solidarity and sympathy towards the families who lost their kith and kin and to those who were injured during these unfortunate events.

5. It is crystal clear that this insurgency movement is part and parcel of the failed coup. The attack in Cibitoke province by gunmen from the Democratic Republic of Congo at the end of last year was also one of the warning signs of preparations for the attempt that wanted to torpedo the institutions elected by the people.

Dear Compatriots,

Friends of Burundi ;

6. Following the attempted coup, some Burundians fled to neighbouring countries ; others went into exile far away on other continents. To all of them, I ask to return home because peace and security prevail in Burundi.

7. I Appeal to the neighbours and relatives of those who fled the country in collaboration with the police and the administration, to ensure that their properties remain intact.

8. I call on the countries that welcomed them to facilitate the return to all those who wish to return home.

9. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the people of Burundi, for their character and solidarity in spite of their differences throughout the time this faction wanted to plunge the country into chaos.

Dear Compatriots,

Friends of Burundi ;

10. Given the appeal addressed to the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), taking into account the wish expressed by the region, the international community and some political parties ; and referring to the Constitution and the Electoral Code, and on a proposal from the CENI, I have just decreed the postponement of Local and parliamentary elections. These elections which were originally scheduled for May 26, 2015, will now take place on June 5, 2015. This will enable the existing institutions to be replaced by other newly elected institutions in accordance with the law.

11. It is thanks to elected institutions that we managed to stop this macabre plan which sought the establishment of transitional institutions that would have made obsolete the Arusha Peace Accord for Peace and Reconciliation and the Comprehensive cease-fire Agreement.

12. Regarding security, I once again wish to inform the national and international opinion that all the 119 communes in the country are calm ; the same apply to all 18 provinces that make up Burundi. Furthermore, I thank all Burundians for being supportive during this difficult time. This has not always been the case.

13. It should be emphasized that 2998 smallest administrative entities (i.e. the “Collines” and urban neighbourhoods) are quiet. Indeed, it is surprising that this insurgency is only reported in some corners of four neighbourhoods of Bujumbura City, namely Musaga in Muha Commune, Cibitoke and Ngagara in Ntahangwa Commune and Nyakabiga in Mukaza commune. This means that peace and security prevail over 99.9% of our country ; and the people are going about their daily businesses.

14. I launch a heartfelt appeal to the people of these neighbourhoods to pull them together because security prevails all over the country to such an extent that the elections will take place in peace and tranquillity. I highly commend the defence and security forces for their commitment to restoring peace and security in these neighbourhoods and throughout the country. I encourage them to stand firm and move forward.

15. Dear fellow citizens of Musaga, Nyakabiga, Ngagara and Cibitoke of Bujumbura neighbourhoods, keep in mind that other communities and neighbourhoods remained calm and go about their daily activities.

Dear Compatriots,

Friends of Burundi ;

16. With regard to radio stations that suffered vandalism due to disorders caused by the failed coup, I want to stand by the journalists in distress wherever they are, and ask them to keep faith. I wish to inform the public that investigations are underway and that they are advanced. Anyone who will be found guilty of any crime by the authorized judicial authority will be accountable for it.

17. I reiterate my firm commitment to strengthen the journalism profession. This is why I ask the concerned services to expedite investigations that will shed light on what really happened. The authorities concerned should make this issue their top priority.

18. I also take this opportunity to warn Burundian or foreign media which may try to disseminate information likely to sow hatred and division among Burundians and discredit Burundi ; or encourage the insurgency especially during this election period. No Burundian is willing to relive the tensions of ethnic divisions or any other kind. The blood that was shed in the past should serve as a lesson.

19. I request that men and women of the media, especially foreigners, to look into this aspect so that they may present a beautiful image of Burundi, for the country is not limited to only these four areas I have mentioned. I take this opportunity to exhort our brothers and sisters in these neighbourhoods to renew with peace. Indeed, as goes this adage by our grandfathers : "To the man who decides to destroy his own home, neighbours lend them a helping hand."

20. Let me then ask this question to you journalists : Don’t you think that there are worth reporting achievements to depict Burundi in a more positive way ? Our country is safe to more than 99.90% and people of Burundi and those leaving in Burundi are going about their daily business. What about our peacekeeping missions in countries like Somalia, Central African Republic, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Haiti and elsewhere ?

21. I also request that investigations be carried out quickly, so that light shall be shed on the sad events in BUMEREC hospital in Kinindo urban Commune. I ask the authorized courts to devote urgent attention to the case so that Burundians and the international community may know the truth and the guilty, once identified, may be punished according to the law.

22. I take this opportunity to congratulate the political parties and independent politicians who accepted to enter into competition through the polls, and who are now conducting their campaign. This is the way forward to democracy and the pillar of sustainable peace to which we aspire.

23. By the same occasion, I urge political parties that have not yet done so to go on the ground to present their political programs and manifestos as part of the election campaign. Burundians will vote freely for the candidate of their choice. This is the only path on which Burundians have embarked through the Peace Agreement and the Comprehensive Ceasefire Agreement.

24. Allow me to conclude by reiterating my thanks to all Burundians who remained united during the recent days of turmoil despite the difficulties, and I ask you to keep this spirit up. I also ask you to go to elections, because there is no better sure way to conquer the power. It is also in this way that we will consolidate peace that will lead us to sustainable development we all long for.



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